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Salmo obtusirostris

I recently came back from Croatia and not only had a great time with my wife by the sea but also enjoyed wonderful hours on Croatia's trout rivers. As usual, I fished the Gacka again on the way back(it's hard to resist), but also near Split I had a wonderful evening and morning fishing at various rivers. I was fascinated by insect wealth at Cetina River, even though the activity windows of surface feeding trout were very small due to the hot weather. But you can also try the nymph ... Nymphs were especially needed for softmouth trout (Salmo obtusirostris). These wonderful fish show the colour pattern of brown trout with slightly larger scales but have a mouth similar to grayling. They were so beautifully coloured and due to their rarity, they experienced particularly careful handling. They only live in six rivers draining into the Adriatic Sea.

It's great that there are countries in Europe where you can spend the day at the beach or on the boat, and enjoy fishing for some big browns and graylings or rare softies in the morning and evening. I can only recommend the destination! However, those who specifically go to Croatia for trout fishing should rather consider April through June, as the activity periods are then significantly longer.

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