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Most fly casting instructors share a very own attitude to fly fishing. There is something probably all of them have in common. Probably everyone of them loves catching a big fish but it should never be too easy to reach or catch fly casting wise. During my stopover in Sydney, Loop AUS team member Juan Luis del Carmen guided me at Nerpean River in the Blue Mountains about a one hour drive from the city. This is a very special destination. It is usually not a big fish destination in regard of our target fish, the Australian Bass. It is the way of fishing that is really demanding. Catching bass on little poppers by using a #2 rod despite the wind that can show up there(and it did) is something for those who really love the casting part of fly fishing. Even without catching anything the feeling when the fly lands in a little spot under a bush or an undercut bank is reward enough to make anyone who really loves fly casting more than happy. If a fish finally takes the popper, well that's the game you are after if you fish Nerpean River. Juan, a certified fly casting instructor of Spanish origin loves this way of fishing with his #2 Loop Göran Andersson Signature rod. So did I. We spent a beautiful morning before work, enjoyied the quiet and beautuiful nature of the reserve, fly fished and talked about fly casting and fly fishing techniques. That's the essence that provides lots of energy for the rest of the day. Thanks Juan for having the possibility to fish this unique place with you.

BTW, Australian Bass do not spend their whole life in the river. Unlike many fish that migrate from the sea into the freshwater tributaries to spawn, Australian Bass migrate down the river to the sea to spwan in the brackish water of the river mouth. In summer they finally return to the river.

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