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Fly Fishing Perth

Fly fishing in Perth is dependent on fish migrations as it is in most of the regions in Australia. The most sought after fish caught in the Swan River or from the rock walls are australian salmon, tailor, giant herring, flathead, black bream and tommy ruff. In summer also large samson fish are targetted as well as mullaway at night e.g. right under Narrows Bridge.

Perth experiences a high fishing pressure so most of the fishing takes place during dusk and dawn and at night.

The surrounding of Perth offers some more fly fishing opportunities. You will find spots that are less crowded and some are even beautiful for snorkeling. Go and spend a few Hours on Penguin Island. It is beautiful and you can fish there and if you are lucky you will see some of the world's smallest penguins.

Local fly fishers have started to target australian salmon and giant herring with double hand rods from the rock walls. I had the pleasure to teach some of the most skillful fly fishers of the Saltwater Flyrodders of Western Australia, a large Perth resident fly fishing club committed to developing saltwater fly fishing in the area. The club is well organized and its members regularly fish together at different locations in Western Australia but also in the South. Exmouth is probably the most sought after destination and a must-go f or all of them at least once a year.

BTW, there is also an excellent fly shop in Perth. It is called Fly World and is operated by Dan Ivanoff. Visit him, he has very good material in the shop and the fly you will find among the pictures on the right is a local fly tied by one of his employees. Tailor love it!

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