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Fly Fishing from Gladstone to Rockhampton

The latest discovery of fly fishing hot spots on the east coast

The fishing around Gladstone and up to Rockhamton is very versatile. Offshore fly fishing, flats fishing and excellent river fishing for barramundi and saratoga as well as threadfin salmon are awaiting the clients. Besides that there is no net fishing in this area.

If you want to fish the Gladstone area you better should not think about eating your catch as the aluminium mines have some serious effects on concentrations of aluminium in the fat of the fish. You can easily see the big red waste disposal lakes on Google Map. However you also do not eat any salmon on Kola penninsula but the fishing there is just the best you can find for Atlantic salmon in the world.

So if there area lot of fish but less fish are netted than anywhere else, well then the fish population is usually better, too. This is absolutely true for this area. There are many good spots with the best of them being around Curtis Island. Besides that there is exceptional river fishing in the area, too. The mouth of the Boyne River is a hot spot for queenfish, jacks and even GTs and you can fish it from shore, too. Just go to the parking at the end of Canoe Point Rd road on the right side of the river mouth and walk to the beach. Wait for the best tide and there you go. The fish start hunting right in front of you. Fish next to the mangroves from the jetty(on the other side oft he river) down to  the mouth.

If you want to get the ultimate fishing experience you need a boat. The guide you will be looking for in the Gladstone area is Justin Nye. Having more than 20 years of experience in fishing the area Justin knows exactly where to go no matter if you are after flat fishing for permit, teasing huge GTs with surface poppers or catching other predators in the sea. You might also be interested in fishing for barramundi in Gladstone’s iconic Lake Awoonga. So do not hesitate to contact him if Gladstone is your target destination.

Justin Nye with giant GT
Justin Nye with giant GT
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