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Fly Fishing Coral Bay and Shark Bay

If you head further south there are some other spots that may be worth a stop. About 150 km south of Exmouth you will reach Coral Bay which is probably the no.1 diving spot in WA, famous for the encounters with whale sharks, manta rays, humpback whales, turtles and all the beautiful coral fish of the Ningaloo Reef. Besides the diving spots there are also possibilities to water a fly from the shore provided the water temperature fits and queenies are in the bay. Just keep left as soon as you reach the main beach. At the corner right after reaching Purdie Point(a famous spot tor catching Emperors about 500m from the parking) the sanctuary ends and you are nallowed to fish. The beach that starts here all the way to your left is called Paradise Beach. If you fish along the edges of the flat you may catch jacks, golden travally, queenfish and coral fish. Compared to Exmouth fly fishing in Coral Bay is really poor, whereas bottom and rock fishing is outstanding.This beach is not only a beautiful beach for flat fishing but one of the most beautiful snorkeling spots I have ever seen. About 200 m off the beach you are right on a huge coral reef with perfect corals. A snorkeling wonderland with not a single bleached coral! There you will explore all the beauty of the Ningaloo Reef.

If you want to fly fish outside of the reef, follow the reef with your boat to the north. Stop right at the end of the reef and move out into deeper water. In the morning there can be good surface activity of tunas and bonitos. Just look for hunting seagulls and fregatte birds that fly at least 5-10m above the water surface. Low flying terns only signalize small baitfish but nothing reasonable. But be aware that there are piles of sharks around that move with the feeding tuna. They come really close and might even have a glimpse at your motor. So the chance that you will loose your catch to a shark is quite reasonable. But you do not have to be afraid. The sharks at Ningaloo reef have a lot to feed on and are not interested in swimmers.

Another 300 km further south you reach Shark Bay. On the way to the tip of the peninsula there are some incredible fishing spots. Probably the most beautiful one is the bay following Shell Beach. Shell beach is a huge beach. It is plain white because it consists of billions of little white shells. It is not allowed to fish there but the next beach is fabulous. It is packed with fish that you can easily spot and cast for. As the bay is protected you can fish from the shore there. Unfortunately I did not have enough time to fish there. Next time I will do that for sure...

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