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Snap Z a perfect technique for single hand and double hand rods originated by Günter Feuerstein

Snap-Z for double handed rods

casts performed by G. Feuerstein 

The airalized Snap-T (Snap-Z) is done more or less in the same manner but the second part of the cast is airalized for reduction of water contact so only the line end is kissing the water just in the moment when the forward cast is started. Z movement. The major advantage of this cast is the additional time you get for changing directions. This allows you to cast far more angulated. You can even cast 180° if you wish to do so(just for fun of course). You can also release a bit of additional line when performing the Z. This brings more line weight into the loop and provides a deeper loading of the rod.

Snap-Z with double handed rod casted upstream(for demo purposes only!) and with a common 0-90° presentation



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