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Russian Salmon Fund hilft allen russischen Salmoniden

Opening Ceremony of the Russian Salmon Fund

Just recently I got an invitation to take part in the opening ceremony of the Russion Salmon Fund in Moscow . As I try support all activities which make long time sustainability of sensitive ecosystems and prime salmonid waters I followed the invitation and was impressed about the bandwith of support which the Fund seems to have gained. Many different interests are followed in a country whose economy is getting stronger every year and which also follows a quite direct way what the extraction of natural resources are concerned. Fish belong to these natural resources but in comparison to oil and gas but also industrial fishing, sport fishing and especially fly fishing as the most gentle way of fishing are of minor interest.

Nevertheless Russia has got a large potential what tourism is concerned and especially in the field of fly fishing the potential of this huge country is huge and not to compare with any other place in the world. Soft tourism and especially fly fishing tourism can have a great impact on the local economy*. Ecotourism is and will be a valuable branch of Russia's future economy(as we all know natural resources will come to an end sooner or later) but this branch can be cut unknowingly if there is no attention paid to the sensitive parts of the watersheds. There are possibilities to combine all different interests under on hat, but this needs a master plan that has to be followed. The opening of the Russian Salmon Fund was a big step towards the common and farsighted use of Russia's natural resources. Important persons from politics, economy, media and science were present to show their support.  The event took place at Moscows Fishing Village. The participants could also try to cast a fly and catch a trout there. If activities will follow now, Russia's wild salmonids will definitely face a better future.

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