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Fliegenfischerkurs mit Günter Feuerstein

International Clients from 26 Countries

Although I teach all levels of fly casters from the beginner to the pro what I really like most is to teach the very advanced single hand fly casters who have traveled from course to course and often tell me that they are frustrated because they obviously could not have have been taught in a way that made progress possible. I want them leave my classes with a smile and return happily.

This probably highest standard of teaching you can get world-wide, based on my ability to analyze, recognize and remove existing casting errors within the shortest time possible, is not a guarantee but the best possible basis for passing world's toughest and most sought after fly casting instructor exam and finally become a Certified EFFA Fly Casting Instructor. That's why my clients come from all over the world and sometimes drive or fly long distances to be able to take the chance to participate in one of these courses.

Coach of the Pros

The fly fishers listed below in alphabetical order have participated in at least one of my Fly casting Instructor Preparation Courses of the Flyfishing International Fishing School or have at least got the final "polish" before attending an exam. Meanwhile they are EFFA instructors (former FFF-Europe instructors - not to mix up with the much easier IFFF), some of them are even EFFA Master Instructors now.

Mirco Bandi (IT)

Michael Beck-Hansen (DK)

Lars C. Bentsen (DK)

Andreas Böhringer (DE)

Rolf Bünter (CH)

Roberto Caldeiro (ESP)

Giaccomo Catellani (IT)

Alexander Chernysch (RUS)

Egils Collencopfs (LV)

Thomas Diener (CH)

Edgardo Doná (IT)

Peter Ebert (DE)

Claus Elmenreich (AT)

Patrick Faller (CH)

Daniel Finazzi (CH)

Marcel Frozza (CH)

Armin Fröbel (DE)

Bernd Geier (DE)

Thibaut Giband (FRA)

Robert Gillespie (IRL)

Ewald Grabher (AT)

Michael Greve (DK)

Arnold Gufler (IT)

Stig M. Hansen (DK)

Peter Henggeler (CH)

Lothar Henning (DE)

Manuel Iglesias (ESP)

Fredy Illien (CH)

Alexander Ivanovic (SER)

Mensur Jahjefendic (BIH)

Alexander Kibko (RUS)

Søren Klünder (DK)

Erik Kyrping (DK)

Chris Lohner (CH)

Christoph Netzer (CH)

Marco Magliola (IT)

Stefano Magliola (IT)

Raffaele Mascaro (IT)

Massimo Matteuzzi (IT)

Mauro Mazzo (IT)

Michael Menardo (IT)

Urs Müller (CH)

Lars Munk (SWE)

Pat O'Toole (IRL)

Angelo Piller (IT)

Luca Prono (IT)

Horst Rathgeber (DE)

Hermann Rebmann (DE)

Uwe Rieder (AT)

Gianluigi Rizzo (IT)

Christopher Rownes (UK)

Reinis Rutkis (LV)

Beppe Saglia (IT)

Alberto Sangiorgio (IT)

Valerio Santagostino (IT)

Paul Sas (ROM)

Hans Spinnler (CH)

Thorsten Strüben (DE)

Igor Tyapkin (RUS)

Alexander Ursella (AT)

Richard Verbeek (NL)

Mørten Wadstrom (DK)

Dieter Weiler (DE)

Ronald Windl (AT)

Harald Winter (AT)

Bernd Ziesche (DE)

Mikhail Zenkov (RUS)

Urs Zulian (CH)

Among all those whom I prepared for the EFFA certification, there were also a few who later decided to go the easier way and do the IFFF (former FFF) certification. Allthough it sounds good to call oneself a master it is the level the test was based on that makes the difference. The EFFA level is considerably higher than the US programme. There are some excellent fly casters in the US but generally speaking the European fly casting level is considerably higher as there is no chance of drift boat fishing. You have to become a good fly caster in order to reach the smartest fish. That is why the EFFA programme was developed. It matches our needs here. Honestly speaking I was dissapointed that some students did not back the European fly casting traditions by chosing the European EFFA certification programme.

Carlos Azpilicueta (ESP)

Tobias Hinzmann (DE)

Helmut Leitenstorfer (DE)

Alejandro Vinuales (ESP)

Bernd Wiesbauer (AT)

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