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Complete your Booking


To complete your booking it is necessary to pay either an advance or to transfer the full course fee to one of our accounts within one week from now.

If you cannot take part in a course due to unexpected circumstances or if you have submitted the form by error you have to let the organizer know immediately, so the course place can be sold to someone else. The information you were providing in your booking form will then be deleted.

If you fail to either pay the advance or withdraw from the booking contract by writing, you are not automatically released from the booking contract but are still obliged to pay the requested advance for your course as you block a course place that could be sold to other fly fishers.

Paying via PayPal is an option for those who will run into high bank transfer costs if they use online banking in their countries. The PayPal fees are slightly higher than the basic fees but there will no more costs follow.

Compare the following fees and choose the way of payment:


  Course Fee
Course Fee PayPal
deposit fly casting or fly fishing courses CHF 150.- CHF 156.-
deposit fly tying courses
CHF  35.- CHF  39.-
beginners fly casting course SH
CHF 290.- CHF 300.-
course for advanced fly casters SH
CHF 320.- CHF 332.-
highend course SH
CHF 390.- CHF 404.-
double hand course mod 1 CHF 150.- CHF 156.-
double hand course mod 2 CHF 180.- CHF 187.-
double hand course mod 1 + mod 2 CHF 320.- CHF 332.-
1 fly tying course
  CHF 75.-   CHF 78.-
2 fly tying courses CHF 125.- CHF 130.-



Pay course fees by using online banking

Just transfer either the whole course fee or the prepayment. If you transfer the prepayment only the rest of the course fee has to be paid three weeks prior to the course date. The prepayment is Eur 150.- for all two day courses.

Please use one of the following bank accounts to book your course:


EU - Countries:   use SEPA 

Hypo Landesbank   

A-6900 Bregenz  

Konto Nr.  14355831011

Kontoinhaber: Günter Feuerstein

BLZ: 58000   


IBAN: AT69 5800 0143 5583 1011


 St. Gallische Kantonalbank 

CH - 9444 Diepoldsau /Schmitter

Konto Nr.  235064309905  

Kontoinhaber: Günter Feuerstein

BLZ:  78123   


IBAN: CH5400781235064309905


Paying with PayPal

To use this option you have to have a PayPal Account first.


In some countries bank transfer costs are still very high if you transfer money to Switzerland. Paypal is a good mean to transfer money from these countries in a cheaper way. By using PayPal no bank transfer costs have to be paid. Only the one who receives the payment has to pay. Because  these costs have to be compensated to make sure that the full amount reaches our account payments with PayPal are slightly higher than via online banking but you do not have to pay any other bank transfer costs.


Pay with Paypal now:

Please choose the course you want to join and submit the mentioned sum or the deposit for it. The booking is complete as soon as either the full amount or the deposit has reached our account. The deposit for any of the flycasting and flyfishing courses is CHF 150.- which equals CHF 156.00 if you pay with PayPal.


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