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nondefinite booking

Thanks for your interest!

You have been registered provisorily for a course at the FFI-Flyfishing School. Please notice, that this is not a definite booking! The booking is made definite after accepting our business conditions by transferring half of the announced course fee as an advance to one of the bank accounts mentioned or by using PayPal.

Please notice that all registrations for courses of the FFI-Fly Fishing School are made according to the First-Come-First-Go-Principle! 

It is therefore always a good choice to make reservations definite as soon as possible. If there are too many bookings or if the course will be canceled, the full advance is paid back. If a participant does not appear at the course or if he does not cancel the booking four weeks before the first-course day, the advance will not be paid back. More detailed information about the course will be provided about one month before the event.

To complete your booking it is necessary to pay either an advance or to transfer the full course fee to one of our accounts within one week from now.

If you cannot take part in a course due to unexpected circumstances or if you have submitted the form by error you have to let the organizer know immediately, so the course place can be sold to someone else. The information you were provided in your booking form will then be deleted.

If you fail to either pay the advance or withdraw from the booking contract by writing, you are not automatically released from the booking contract but are still obliged to pay the requested advance for your course as you block a course place that could be sold to other fly fishers.

If you have correctly signed in for a certain course and have paid the advance(please check the confirmation of your transfer with your bank or PayPal) you have to wait for about 10 days. If you do not get any negative decision(which might occasionally happen due to overbooking) your booking is confirmed and you can take part in the course. You will not get any additional confirmation except the final invitation which will reach you about 3 weeks prior to the start of the course.


Many thanks for your interest!

Best regards

Günter Feuerstein

Methods of Payment

You can either use online banking or PayPal to transfer the pre-payment or the whole course fee.

PayPal fees are slightly higher (fee plus 3.4% plus CHF 0.55), but no more transfer costs have to be paid. This might be a cheaper solution for countries outside the SEPA payment system. Please, compare the conditions and choose how to pay.


  online banking PayPal
pre-payment fly casting courses CHF 150.- CHF 156.-
pre-payment fly tying courses CHF 35.- CHF   39.-
payment single hand course beginners  CHF 290.- CHF 300.-
payment single hand course advanced CHF 320.- CHF 332.-
Highend course single hand rod CHF 390.- CHF 404.-
Underhand Course Mod 1 CHF 150.- CHF 156.-
Underhand Course Mod 2 CHF 180.- CHF 187.-
Underhand Course Mod 1 + Mod 2 CHF 320.- CHF 332.-
other Underhand Courses (2 days) CHF 350.- CHF 363.-
fly tying course (3 hours) CHF 75.- CHF  78.-
two fly tying courses (3 hours each) CHF 135.- CHF 140.-
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Payments via PayPal

Please check the PayPal price list above for the amount that has to be transferred.

For PayPal payments please either use paypal@g-feuerstein.com for making payments or scan the QR code on the right, enter the correct amount and submit it!

Payments via Online Banking

Swiss Account:
St. Gallische Kantonalbank
CH - 9444 Diepoldsau /Schmitter
Konto Nr.  235064309905
Account owner: Günter Feuerstein
BLZ: 78123
IBAN: CH5400 781 235064309905
EU - Account:
Hypo Landesbank
A-6900 Bregenz  
Konto Nr. 14355831011
Account owner: Günter Feuerstein
BLZ: 58000
IBAN: AT69 5800 0143 5583 1011

Please be advised that the bank transfer costs are to be paid by the client. Don’t forget to mention the purpose (course and date) as well as your name when you transfer the advance. The rest of the money has to be paid at least four weeks prior to the first course day. If you want to transfer the total amount at once to save bank transfer costs, please feel free to do so.


General business conditions:

The participation at courses, guidings or fly fishing trips offered or managed by the FFI-Fly Fishing School is at your own risk. We disclaim liability for property damage or injuries of any kind which are caused by participants.

After registering for a course half of the charge fee has to be transferred to one of our accounts. By doing this the registration is made definite. The rest of the course fee has to be paid at least four weeks before the course starts. If a participant cannot take part the advance will only be paid back if he cancels the course not later than four weeks before the event takes place.

FFI-Fly Fishing School reserves the right to cancel or to move any courses at any time without specifying the reasons. If a course is cancelled all the pre-paid money will be paid back. FFI-Fly Fishing School is not liable for any other costs or circumstances connected with the cancellation or the change of date of a course.

Each participant has to wear an eye protection device (sunglasses, optical glasses or equivalent) during the course.

Filming or photographing during the course disturbs the learning progress. Therefore participants are not allowed to take pictures or film during the course (except group pictures at the end).

During the course the participants might be filmed from time to time for making a later video analysis possible. By attending a course of FFI-Fly Fishing School the participant agrees to allow the owner of FFI-Fly Fishing School to use this video material for future teaching purposes or video productions.

By transferring the pre-payment or paying the whole course fee the participant agrees to the general business conditions of the FFI-Fly Fishing School and puts them into action against him.


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