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A short time ago I received a new stripping basket from my friend Reinis Rutkis from Latvia. He developed this new tool in order to fulfill the requirements of the modern fly fisher. My short pike fishing trip in Ireland offered to test the stripping basket in different situations.

The TAKE TACKLE Stripping basket is not as deep as the Orvis model which I had used before, and the material is absolutely flexible. Thereby this stripping basket can be quite simply stowed away in the luggage or even in a hip bag. The advantages of this tool lie beside the flexibility and the low weight above all in the elastic belt strap which enables to fasten the basket either at the side or in front, but also on hip height or on height of the thigh. The stripping basket can be thereby adapted to the predilections of the fisherman. Because the cones in the basket are of a different height, the fly line was shot always perfectly, the fly line did never tangle when it was shooting out of the basket (see video). When fishing from a kayak the flexibility showed advantages, too, because I could place the stripping basket quite simply between the legs in which it adapted itself easily on account of its softness . This is a really well thought-out tool!

On the long run the tool will be dependent on the durability of the straps which provide the position changes when fishing. I could not test that, but as far as I know Reinis this was taken into account when choosing the material.

So I can really recommend to buy the TAKE Tackle Stripping Basket!

It is available only here: TAKE TACKLE Stripping Basket

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/take.tackle

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