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Fly Fishing is more and more heading into a direction I really do not understand. Obviously due to the lack of bringing something new in regard of fly casting or fly fishing techniques some fly fishers have come up with ideas and developments which should IMHO not be mentioned in connection with fly fishing at all. Not only is there czech nymphing without using the fly line to transport the nymphs, but some even started promoting and selling XXXL rubber tails for pike flies. Why do even some manufacturers and fishing magazines support this development instead of pointing to the core elements which define our sport in order to stop that nonsense? If success is the only factor that counts at the end of the day it is only a matter of time until power bait, spinners and worms will be used on fly hooks. 

Just recently a friend sent me this link: http://troutbitten.com/…/the-mono-rig-and-why-fly-line-suc…/


Incredible! Calling this fly fishing is a shame!



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