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Expert Waders from Field & Fish

In addition to the wading jacket, the waders are probably the most important piece of clothing for fly fishermen. Nobody likes to stand in cold water with unintentional, sudden onset of water cooling. For this reason, choosing a good pair of waders is an important decision. If you don't look closely, you will soon complain, because many fly fishermen are often unhappy with their choice after just a few months.

Leaky seams, wet feet due to problems with the neoprene socks, water seeping into the crotch ... So I'm not talking about improperly created holes, but about cheap material or poor workmanship. Getting stuck in the rusty barbed wire that was forgotten in the tall grass or was stretched almost invisibly between the trees at the edge of the forest is no good for waders, but if it's the workmanship, the disappointment is great. Even super-expensive waders from well-known brands had to pay dearly for choosing cheaper material, because the bush drums among fly fishermen cannot be beaten by pages of advertising in glossy magazines.

But how should one orientate oneself when buying? Well, the forums on the Internet are a possibility, but there are also a few "trolls" who leave good comments even for garbage waders.

I can only tell you about my experience with regard to the waders that I am presenting here. A wader must be tight, that is the main thing. Zippers down to the crotch, well, if you really want that, you have to be aware that zippers can also leak. In the case of a breast pocket, this is half as bad, if annoying nonetheless. However, when water penetrates to the body, it is at the cost of health and is absolutely unacceptable. I therefore prefer waders without unnecessary zippers. However, it is important to me that I can pull the waders down in seconds without taking off my jacket, in case I have to relieve myself in the bushes. Rolling them down to transform them into hip waders is also a great thing on hot days.

Reinforcements in the shin area and knee area are very important. There the waders should have 5 layers if possible. The model shown here is even doubly reinforced in this area - a fine thing. The booties are top-quality and what stands out among all waders is the loop that you can comfortably step into to get out of the booties without the hassle of bending down and choking. The quality of the Field and Fish waders is really exceptional. The Expert model that I use is the only one of all wader models I have been using in the past I was able to get off completely dry in the foot area even after hours of fishing and walking on the bank. I am not talking about water entering, but about foot sweat, which after a long period of fishing appeared at some point in all of the waders that I had previously worn, because the breathability of the materials did not function adequately under water. I have to admit that I have not tested all brands of waders, but on the one hand there were a large number of them and on the other hand in my fly fishing school a lot of customer feedback is collected, so I can get an idea about the waders offered on the market.

In any case, I can only warmly recommend the model presented here. If you now click on the link to the manufacturer's shop, the price of these high quality waders will make the corners of your mouth wander upwards. Customers of the Flyfishing International fly fishing school are welcome to contact me for a 10% discount code.

Well worth a click. Hot buy recommendation !!!

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