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It's been 15 years since my article about fishing for grayling with the mouse was published. Fishing mouse patterns can be very successful, not only for trout and grayling but also for huchen. Of course, you have to know when the conditions are ideal for the mouse and under which conditions other baits should be selected. Regardless of the prevailing conditions, the choice of line is crucial in order to be able to cast the mouse without much effort.

RIO has recently released two new Skagit SH for fishing with doublehand rods. In addition to the RIO Skagit Max Short (6.1 m), which I have used in recent years, the RIO Skagit Max Power shooting head is now available. With a length of 6 m, it is a little shorter and has more weight in the front part of ​​the SH, which suits the casting of larger mouse or rat imitations due to the better turnover. The second new Skagit Head is the RIO Skagit Max Launch (7 m). It is well suited for the longer Huchen doublehanders, and it can also be used for waterborne casts very well provided that the leader and mouse size harmonize well with the SH taper. However, a bit more backspace is needed for both Switch and overhead casts. The cords are available directly from Rudi Heger or from RIO dealers in your area.

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