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The Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia is said to be the Eldorado for saltwater fly anglers in Down Under. Nowhere else in Australia the coral reef reaches that close to the island. Partially there are only a few hundred metres distance to the outer reef and at some places like Torquoise Bay the coral beds even reach the shore. During my long time service teacher training trip which I spend at the moment in Australia of course the one or other hour remains to indulge in fly fishing and diving. The flats at Sandy Bay in the Cape Range National Park were breathtaking and the coral reef at Coral Bay for sure belongs to the most beautiful diving spots I have ever seen. Meetings with sharks are nothing unusual there when diving or fishing. In fact one blacktip reef shark swam right across the flat towards me only to change direction about five meters away. Nevertheless, one does not have to be excessively anxious. There is more than enough food abundant.

These are a few impressions from Broome, Exmouth, Coral Bay and Shark Bay. At the moment I teach and assist voluntarily in Perth. In about two weeks we will move to the east coast.

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