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Salmon Fishing School with Göran Andersson 2020 August 1 - September 05 in Sanddöla River Norway

Double Hand Salmon Fishing School


It is said that ”75% of salmon are caught by 5% of the fishermen”  Become one of the 5 %.

Göran teaches you to become a better double handed fly caster. You will be shown how to change your casting angle with ease and how to use adapted and custom made fly lines. There are many advantages in using adapted lines; they enable you to maximise opportunities in all changing river conditions and to fish in very narrow places.
Göran teaches you how and when to use the adapted lines. You will be taught casts that cover a broad variation of casting angles and how to control line and fly speed. You will be taught how to maximise casting distance with only 3m of space behind you, how to change angle with only 1m of space behind you and how to cast with no space behind you.
Göran will teach you how to read the river, how to find the salmon and encourage it to take your fly. Göran has developed a tried and tested method for selection of the best fly for any given location
and condition, he will teach you this invaluable method. He will demonstrate how to choose the best techniques and tactics to make the salmon react and maximise your chances of a take.
Göran will also show you how to fight a large salmon, how to land it and how to safely unhook it.
The private water is divided into 2 sections:
Section 1: is 2-3 km long on one side of the river, located 12 km from the house and is divided into 2 zones (1+2)
Section 2: is 5 km long on both sides of the river and is divided into 3 zones (3,4+5). Zone 3 is a short walk from the house. The zones are long and it is advantageous to have a car available. For ease of access there are parking spaces and marked tracks to each zone.

Price for 1 Week: 14,950 SEK

Included in the school price is:
- 7 nights’ accommodation in a large, fully equipped traditional Norwegian farmhouse.
- Bedding and towels.
- Fully equipped kitchen.
- 7 days (minimum 3 hours per day) of theoretical and practical teaching by Göran. Outside of the lesson times you are free to fish any of the zones; day and night, adhering to an agreed rota system.
- Extensive dry room for wet clothes.
- A freezer is available for those who wish to keep a salmon
Not Included:
- Flights, car rental, food or food preparation, beverages or alcohol
- Norwegian State Fishing license (cost in 2018 260 Nok), can be purchased over the internet Http:Fiskeravgift.miljodirektoratet.no/betal. Grong is the nearest urban area and is 15 km away, here you will find supermarkets, restaurants, petrol, doctors and other necessities.
The Salmon Fishing School always starts on a Saturday
-The disinfection of equipment and checking of the State Fishing licence takes place upon arrival on Saturday at 1pm.
-Once all have arrived Göran will show everyone the fishing zones. It is important that this is done all together.
-The equipment will then be checked and the course content will be reviewed.
-Occupancy in the rooms can start after 3pm on Saturday.
-All rooms need to be vacated by 10am on the departure day.
-Fishing ends on departure day at 12 pm.
-If you already know the fishing zones and your equipment is disinfected and you have a valid fishing licence, you can begin to fish at 1pm on arrival day.
-After booking, payment instructions will be made available, along with directions to the house and recommendations for which fly lines and flies are most appropriate to bring.
For those who just want to fish: Unsold school places are sold for fishing only after March 1 2020. For more information and Price for this option please contact Göran.
Reservations and more Info: goran@goranandersson.se Or visit: www.goranandersson.se
Goran have also Dry Fly schools for Brown Trout and grayling during June 5 – 26, and sept 7-13.
And “hunt for the big Baltic salmon” in July. Not for new beginners. The program is not ready yet, but in short time we have all dates. Ask Goran for more info.
Welcome to an inspiring week of salmon fishing.
Göran Andersson

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