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When Robert Gillespie asked me to come to Ireland for preparing him and Pat O'Toole for the EFFA Master test I was very pleased. Besides that an update on Underhand Programme was on the to-do list. We could clear some misunderstandings in the testing proceedure and went through the whole Master test. We shared a wonderful time and both were happy to see their loops being tightened to the maximum and learning the GF Backhand Power Haul (aka High Hauling) was another aim. As I said both of them are great casters and especially in Double handed casting Robert is well known in Europe. I am looking forward to see these great guys again.

And what about Delphi Lodge?

It is a great place for enjoying a few days of salmon fishing, hunting or hiking in a wonderful surrounding. Michael the manager is a great guy, BTW very interested in fly casting and conservation belongings. This lodge in the quiet corner of Ireland at the border between the counties Connemara and Mayo is a perferct hideout to escape the fast moving business world and to power up the inner batteries! more info

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