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Two nice fish landed

As in the previous year, St. Peter was kind to me at the end of the season. On the last day of my huchen season (my fly fishing courses will start this weekend) I managed to land two nice fish. A third one got lost during the fight. What a great final!

Now it is time to stow the rods again, clean the lines and comb the used flies before storing them in fly boxes until autumn. I was thrilled by the performance of my CTS GF Hucho Hunter double hand fly rods. They cast my hucho lines and streamers with ease and fighting the huchos was a real pleasure.

During the season I learned a few more important things about fly fishing for huchos. I am happy to say this after 25 years of hucho fishing. You obviously never really know all about this fish. Besides my master studies, the focus is now first on the course season, but there will for sure be some time left to tie some streamers or optimize them.

If you want to optimize your huchen tackle, here is my advise: My rods are available from CTS and the hucho line I developed with RIO is available from Rudi Heger.



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