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It lasted not long until my doublehand fly casting course in Perth was fully booked. Actually, such a rush is unusual at first sight, because in the rivers around Perth one actually expects no salmon. However, exactly these are the fish on which the Aussies are over. They catch them from the rocks and right from the beach. There are plenty of salmon there at certain times and they can reach up to 90 cm. So it is for sure helpful if one can cast a little further and has a better control over the line in the waves. 

So the participants were keen with learning the Underhand Technique and also to improve their line management. The wind is an almost everyday companion at the coast of WA and can be quite annoying. Nevertheless, the Flyrodders achieved their aims and could make clear progress. "Practise creates the master," says an old saying... and this is also valid in Down Under.

Thus the next common training sessions were already planned, because as soon as it will be warmer and summer will show up, the salmon will run up the coast.

BTW, those of you who are still taken aback in regard of the abundance of salmon in Australia, can find more about them here: Australian Salmon


Hello Guenter,

Thanks for the eye-opening under hand casting session last Saturday. 

I really learned a lot!

I have included everybody's email that attended the casting session. Follow the link below and it shows you where the Saltwater Flyrodders' meeting is tonight. ...

Thanks again,


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