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Again and again I am asked which rod I use for my Magic Switch. I currently use CTS Affinity M rods for nymph fishing or any type of fishing where waterborne anchors (watercasts) are required. I usually fish a 9 ft. #6, 4 pc or the 10 ft. #6, 4 pc for larger rivers.

Why CTS fly rods?

In my opinion CTS builds the most perfect rods on the world market. In terms of precision and high-tech manufacturing, in my view the company situated in Birkenhead/Auckland in New Zealand is the undisputed No. 1. I am often asked about the easiest way to get one of these rods. Among die-hard rod makers, CTS blanks have been No. 1 for many years, also because cts offers them the possibility to design the blank (but also rods) themselves, ie they can choose different degrees of hardness in the tip, middle or bottom parts, starting from the standard model. For example, if you want to soften the bottom and stiffen the top, you simply order a blank with the desired degrees of hardness in the top / middle or bottom part. (eg top plus 2, middle 0, bottom -1). You can specify your adjustments from -2 to plus 2 hardness levels and the custom designed blank will be sent to you. For most of the other custom made rods on the market, the rod makers just use standard blanks from the manufacturer and the custom made is then limited to the fitting and possibly changed distances of the rod rings. So CTS is not only custom-made but also custom-designed on request and therefore absolutely unique in this respect.

There is also the possibility of ordering fully fitted rods of the Affinity M series (mid-flex, for all casts with waterborne anchors) or Affinity X-series (tip action for fishing activities which require overhead casts only, ie streamer fishing for pike, sea trout fishing, ...) but also many models for spin and sea fishing directly from the company.

How much is a fully-fitted Affinity M?

The 6-piece Affinity M fly rod (ie, 4 pc in 9 ft. #6 with titanium Recoil guides) costs about Eur 760.- including shipping to countries outside Australia. In addition, there will ab a few Euros in custom taxes.

In any case, the rod will be significantly cheaper than comparison rods of other high-end manufacturers, but who IMHO cannot keep up with CTS in terms of production and processing.

I can only recommend these rods to you!

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