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Have just come back from fishing the ÖFG water of the River Mur in Styria(A) this weekend. Nice water, indeed. Unfortunately it was quite bright for Hucho fishing, too bright, at least for the big ones. However, I finally caught a fish Lächelnd .
I was quite surprised seeing "fly fishers" running around who were casting large, heavy streamers with #16-18 fly rods and fly reels but with monofilament or running line only - no fly line! What the sh.. is that? And later - if successful- they will probably take pictures of the fish and fly rod pretending they were fly fishing. One called it hybrid fly fishing. Obviously that is quite common there in the part where it is allowed to use the spinning rod, too. Why not put a spoon or worm on the fly rod and call it hybrid fly fishing, too. Where has the fly fishing ethics gone???Stirnrunzelnd

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