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Having just come back from an exciting trip to Western Australia I want to share some pictures with you. My wife  and I did not only fish a lot, we also had some exceptional and unforgettable encounters with Australia’s wild animals. Besides the always present kangaroos in and around Cape Range National Park and  emus that could even be met in the middle of the town. We had encounters with dingos, dugongs, a big brown, many sharks, manta rays, a very friendly Australian Bustard and of course lots of turtles. I had my inflatable Gumotex Twist kayak with me and will soon write about my experience with it in the waters around the cape. I have updated my page on fly fishing Exmouth with interesting information for those who want to go there the other day. We also had a wonderful time on Wilderness Island and enjoyed being hosted by Jim and Kim very much. Enjoy the pictures meanwhile!

Tackle used:
CTS Fly Rods Affinity X rods
Rio Fly Lines:  Directcore Flats Pro F(#8,#10), Bonefish Quick shooter F #8, GT Line, General Purpose Tropical I/I #10, Tropical GT #12
Loop Reels

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