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The Una is one of the most beautiful rivers on the Balkan peninsula and there is only one of its kind in Europe. Below Bihac the crystal clear river is quite large and deep and more or less not suitable for fly fishing. That's why the mighty Danube Salmon is usually caught with spinning gear. By using correct fly gear the max. streamer weight that can be cast even with a double hand rod is about 10g which is far to light for the Una. In the head waters in the Una national park there are some really nice beats which are inhabited by endemic browns, rainbow trout and large grayling. The Krusnica, a spring creek near Bosanska Krupa and the Unac near Martin Brod are also very suitable for fishing the fly.

What has been missing there is a lodge that meets the demands of the fly fishing traveller. In Bosanska Krupa the new Una lodge is soon to be opened. It is situated directly at the river Una next to a top hucho pool and will host fisherman from all around the world who like a little bit more than just basic standard. There will be excellent food served and the guests will be accompanied by top guides who will be living right next to the main houses. A very special service will be the new, wider very safe and stable boats, which are especially designed to meet the international anglers' standards as the narrow and light, wooden fishing boats of the locals are not very safe. Operating them with guests on a mighty river like the Una especially in the colder season, can be a deathtrap. More info about the lodge will be on this site soon.

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