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The almost always present coastal wind turned down a bit last weekend, and thus I used the chance to fish the Fraser coast in Hervery Bay. Fraser Island, the world's largest sand island, belongs to the World Natural Heritage, and the fishing grounds of the bay are among the best that Australia has to offer for fly fishermen. HB is especially known for the possibility of catching Blue Marlin on the fly in shallow watern between November and January. As the Marlin showing up there on the flats are juvenile fish of 20 to maximum 80 kg and can be targetted by sight fishing they are just perfect game fish for flyrodders. Unfortunately, the flats at Rooney's Point were empty as the Blues have not shown up yet this year. Only very few fish had been caught in 2016.

Thus we used the time to chase the Mack-Tunas and Longtail Tunas which had just arrived. What this means, every avid salted water fly fisherman can imagine. The beautifully marked Mack-Tunas are real beasts if it comes to fight them. An incredible first run is followed by enormous resistance which means to pump, pump and again pump. So your rod definitely needs some lifting power.

Whenever you tend to visit HB to water your flies John Haenke is the guide to contact there. John, a former cameraman for many fly fishing films and TV productions, is a fulltime guide and tour operator now who shares his experience from his countless trips around the globe with his clients. It was a real pleasure to be guided by him.

You can contact John here: guidedfishingdownunder.com


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