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EFFA Double Hand Programme

On the weekend of July 4-5, 2009 I was in Norway with some other EFFA Two Hand Committee members to meet EFFA Flycasting Department member Göran Andersson from Sweden to fine tune the EFFA two hand flycasting instructor certification programme. The EFFA instructor programme for double hand fly rods can be performed by instructors/candidates who usually use long lines as well as those who use much shorter shooting heads. The programme is devided into two parts and is designed to improve Europe's leading role in fly casting and teaching fly casting with double hand rods. Like in single handed fly casting the EFFA two hand programme will be the toughest on the market. For teaching Underhand Casting noone better can be found than Göran Andersson, the father of this technique which is also known as Andersson Technique or Scandinavian Style. His input in the EFFA Two Hand Instructor Programme is important and essential especially for the Underhand part of it. Of course a meeting with Göran is always connected with correction of casting errors as noone else knows the Underhand technique better than him and ... there is always something to improve as nobody is perfect.




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