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Mucho Hucho LoWater SH

Mucho Hucho LoWater SH

I've been getting many inquiries about when the announced Mucho Hucho LoWater SH would be available. 

Of course I tested the   prototype already in 2021 and whenever the water level requires it, I have used it since. A really great line. Using heavy lines at low water levelsleads to snagging and requires permanent re-sharpening of the hooks and it also scares off the huchen. With the Mucho Hucho LoWater careful fishing for the giants is possible . 

UPDATE Oct 2022

Unfortunately, RIO has decided to stop producing all private label lines in favor of their own line series. It's a pitty because hucho fishing is a niche and producing a series of 10000 lines and more for hucho fishing is an illusion. This production stop also affects the Mucho Hucho SH. As soon as something will change, I will let you know.


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