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The Lepena

Small and crystal clear but difficult

The Lepena meets Soca river near Camp Klin. This is a good point to start fishing this river. But beware of too many fisherman as Lepenas' trout can easily be spooked.

The Lepena is a tributary of the Soca not far from Camp Klin. The Lepena is perfect for dry fly lovers. The water is of the same character as the Soca. It is crystal clear and you have to move slowly when changing spots. Especially CDC flies are very catchy here. The river is really very attractive.

Nevertheless, for me the stocking policy there was terrible when I fished the river for the last time. Some pools, that were situated besides the small street that goes along the river were stocked with dozens of adult trout that were swimming around in a circle - like in a fish farm. The fish were obviously dropped more or less right from the car at the spots with easiest access. So they piled up in the pool. They were of bad quality, some even had fins missing and too short gill covers.

Rivers of this category which are not only very beautiful but also expensive definitely deserve a better management. Despite of this Lepena is a real beauty which a fly fishing traveler should not miss if he is in the area.

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