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Double Haul the most efficient double hauling technique developed by Günter Feuerstein

The GF Backhand Power Haul

Get to cast more distance easily!

The GF Backhand Power Haul(aka The Arrow Haul, High Hauling) was described in books and magazines because of its highest effectivity. Most of the best European fly casting instructors on the continent have meanwhile adapted this cast for distance casting on the opposite shoulder with equipment used for fishing.

Here is a little description why this way of hauling is outperforming other hauling techniques what effectivity and harmony of your casting stroke is concerned.

These are the important advantages which explain the hauls efficiency:

  1. You start pulling line with your line hand only in the very end of the "stroke" when the line is already at high speed and a pull cannot cause the extending line to bump that easy(advanced caster).
  2. You do not haul in a dead angle.
  3. You can concentrate on one hand.
  4. You do not open the loop(you pull in the casting plane) by pulling down the rod tip when hauling as you do when using a common haul below the belt line.
  5. The loading of the rod is not only concentrated to the upper part of the rod but it loads right to the bottom of it(bow like). This gives the rod much more power.
  6. Your haul is definitely at least 20 cm longer(!) in comparison to the common back hand hauling techniques

This haul is always more effective no matter if you use the thumb or the pointer on top of the rod handle. The most effectiveness is given by using the pointer on top because of the slightly longer casting stroke. It is a really tough job to train your muscles to be able to perform this cast with pointer on top perfectly. I can tell you that you really feel the power that is needed!!!

This hauling technique perfectly "explains" the principle of on my improved hauling technique for the basic cast created in the early nineties. I have showed this technique at several shows in Europe starting with Chatsworth Angling Fair in 1996. Whereas this way of hauling is used for the back cast of the basic forehand cast, on the opposite shoulder (off shoulder casting) the advantage of this way of hauling can be used for both the back cast and the forward cast. It is of the same advantage for Roll, Switch and Spey casts.

The Beginners Technique

How to make a double haul without being able to "double haul"



When performing the back cast of the off shoulder (back hand) cast the line hand follows the the extending line to the first guide and remains in this position while the rod hand pulls back. The back cast is done by the rod hand only.



The forward cast starts. The forward pushing of the rod causes the distance between the line hand and the first guide to extend. You "haul" although the line hand does not move at all.

result: Perfect harmony between line hand and rod hand!










The line hand remains in this high position and releases the line at the stop.

pict. H. Birkl


The Advanced Fly Casters' Technique

files/ffi/pictures/FC/tech/bh4kl.jpg            files/ffi/pictures/FC/tech/bh5kl.jpg

Whereas the first part of the GF backhand power haul is identical with the beginners variant(pic 1) the line hand of the advanced caster pulls now as long as possible(pic 2). At the end, both arms will be more or less aligned.



Leg and Finger Position


files/ffi/pictures/Fairs/Aquafisch2003/gfaqua20031.gif files/ffi/pictures/FC/tech/gfbackhandshooting.gif

correct backhand leg position:

right handed casters - right leg in front!


correct forhand leg position for right handed

fly casters at the point of line release:

left leg in front.

Important advice:

The thumb of your line hand has to point skywards when you release the line at the stop. Immediately after the release thumb and forefinger close and form an additional guide which supports the shooting and avoids the tangling of the line.

It needs a lot of practise to automatize this movement. It may also seem to be not as comfortable to do the high hauling technique. Without any doubt this is the case in the beginning. But if you you look at the results what accuracy and distance are concerned these "disadvantages" will soon turn out to be meaningless.

This special technique can be learned at a High End Course of the FFI Fly Fishing School.

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