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The Gacka

The Gacka River is one of the most sought after destinations and most renowned trout waters in Europe and the world. It takes you an hour and a half to get there by car from Zagreb. Gacka is a gulf river which, for 11 kilometres, gently winds down the Gacka valley plain from its spring in the southeast, to the gulf in the northwest. The Gacka is a typical chalk-stream. It is exceptionally rich in flora and fauna. The vegetation is abundant because of the favorable water temperature, convenient chemical composition, silty river bed, and moderate flow. Underwater vegetation grows throughout the year, but more intensively in the warm seasons. Twenty-five plant species have been identified, from algae and bryophytes to woody plants.

As far as the fish species are concerned, the Gacka is famous worldwide for its brown trout. As well as brown and rainbow trout, there is also grayling in the Gacka, and some other fish species. Brown trout in the Gacka grow five times faster than in other limestone rivers, because of the stable water temperatures, plenty of oxygen and the water's mildly alkaline chemical composition. The secret of the Gacka lies in all the fauna that abounds in it. We know of 17 aquatic animal communities, i.e. organisms spread throughout the river's entire course, constituting the basic nourishment for the brown trout, and to which it owes its unusually rapid growth.


Fishing Areas

A/ From the spring of the Gacka to Stanišić Bridge (the fifth concrete bridge) fishing is allowed only with an artificial fly. From the bridge named Podgora (the first bridge) upstream to the mouth of Sinačka pučina in the river Gacka, only catch and release is permitted.

B/ From the Stanišić Bridge (the fifth concrete bridge) downstream, fishing is allowed with an artificial fly and all other artificial baits.

C/ On the lakes Švica and Gusić you can also fish with natural baits while observing all fishing regulations.


The perfect place to stay ist the Gacka hotel in Licko Lesce. It is located at the river close to some very good fishing spots.

Guiding Information

Milan Kupresanin is your best choice for a guide in northern Croatia. He lives in Zagreb and can reach the rivers within a short time.

The information about this river was provided by Milan Kupresanin. Thanks a lot Milan, for joining us fishing some of the most beautiful Croatian waters!

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