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FC Demo Idaho Falls

Fly Casting Showdown at the FFF Conclave in Idaho Falls(USA) in 2003

by J. Davis

flycasting demo Idaho Falls

Charles Jardine (U.K.)
and Günter Feuerstein (A), the two European honorary members of the FFF- Flycasting Board of Governors in the States, presented and compared the European fly casting styles with single and two handed rods in front of a crowd of fly casting instructors and experts as well as interested visitors of the fly fishing show.
The very interesting and funny demonstration reached wide interest and the never ending questions of the visitors made the demo one of the longest in history. It lasted nearly two hours! In the end Charles had to leave in a hurry because he was supposed to start tying only a few minutes later...

The demo was said to have brought some important input to the fly casting instructor scene in the United States. The many instructors present could ask questions and thereby got to know what European double handed fly casting is about. This was very useful because the US have not really focused on that particulary field of fly casting up to that day.

Here are some impressions about the demo:

The two FFF-Europe Masters compared the single handed styles used on the British Islands with styles used on the continent.

files/ffi/pictures/FC/Demo USA/demoIF06.jpg

Günter mainly uses the
pointer-on-top-grip made
popular by the late
Hans Gebetsroither.


files/ffi/pictures/FC/Demo USA/demoIF05.jpg

Charles uses the
as most fly casters in
the U.K. do.


files/ffi/pictures/FC/Demo USA/demoIF07.jpg

Günter points out that the
thumb on top sometimes
shows advantages when 
fishing from a boat.


    files/ffi/pictures/FC/Demo USA/demoIF04.jpg

Charles admits that he
uses the pointer on top
 from time to time, too.

files/ffi/pictures/FC/Demo USA/demoIF03.JPG

both pros' had great fun and ...

files/ffi/pictures/FC/Demo USA/demoIF02.JPG
...made the demo easy to follow

files/ffi/pictures/FC/Demo USA/demoIF14.jpg

files/ffi/pictures/FC/Demo USA/demoIF13.JPG

a short interwie before the start of the double hand performance

files/ffi/pictures/FC/Demo USA/demoIF08.jpg

Charles personally likes the
Spey Casting technique and
explains where it comes from
and how to use it.

   files/ffi/pictures/FC/Demo USA/demoIF09a.jpg

files/ffi/pictures/FC/Demo USA/demoIF09.jpg

Günter prefers Göran Andersson's
Underhand Casting technique
points out the advantages
(normally he uses a lower grip)

Is there a technique for a certain situation?

files/ffi/pictures/FC/Demo USA/demoIF10.jpg

Ch: What are you doing down there?
G: I am deep wading now!

files/ffi/pictures/FC/Demo USA/demoIF11.jpg

 G: For me as an Underhand caster, Spey Casting is a deep wading technique. And therefore it is great!

Both where of the same opinion afterwards. We will do that again!
Copyright © Günter Feuerstein